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'for eternity, you are my heaven' 
Jun 25 09

Title: 'For Eternity, You are My Heaven'
Author: babadesu
Pairing: YamaChii
Genre: Fluff
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Pretty short. Hehe.

"Aitakute aitakute~" Yamada sang as he walked in the side of the street. "Ano umi de matte iru yo~"
Yamada was listening to Big Bang's 'My Heaven' which he downloaded last night because he heard it in the radio. He also heard about the meeting that only lasted for minutes because the fans were so many so he googled them and got addicted to their Japanese single.

"Yama-chaaaan~!" Chinen shouted at him outside their school gate and waved at him enthusiastically. He always makes Yamada blush with his cute, tender smile.
"Hey, Chinen." Yamada cuddled the younger boy and brushed his hair.
As they walk together, Chinen was mumbling--more like singing. Yamada can hear the lyrics very well. It was 'My Heaven.'
"Kimi e no omoi asa mo hiru mo yoru mo~" Chinen was smiling and whispering the lyrics to himself. Suddenly, Yamada continued the song.
"Aitakute you are my heaven." Yamada said. Chinen looked at him and giggled. "You know that song too, Yama-chan?"
"Yeah, I was listening to it last night." Yamada admitted and scratched his head. "That song is so sweet.." Chinen said and blushed.

They got inside the classroom and saw Shida talking with her girlfriends. When Yamada opened the door, the classroom became quiet for 2 seconds and they began talking again. They just wanted to check who opened the door--but why so quiet?

"Hey, Yamada-kun." Shida smiled at him as he sat down to his place. "How are you today?"
"I still don't know since it's just 8:00 AM in the morning," Yamada sighed. "I'll tell you when I want to." He smiled.
"O~okay." Shida said and continued chatting with her girlfriends.

"Chinen?" Yamada said as he pat the boy in the shoulder. "Are you feeling well?" He noticed the younger boy coughing and sneezing.
"Yeah, I'm okay." Chinen replied as he wiped his nose with his handkerchief.
"You should go home. You might have the virus, you know." Yamada said, concerned.
"Okay. I'll go to the clinic then and get a gate pass. Thanks, Yama-chan." Chinen said and grabbed his bag.


"Ah, yes. Class is over." Yamada sighed and stretched his arms well above his head. "I wonder what happened to Chinen."
Yamada decided to go to Chinen's house to check on him. So he can report to Johnny-san his condition.
"Ah, hello. Can I please see Chinen?" Yamada said to Chinen's mother. Her mother welcomed him in and guided him to Chinen's room.

"Hi, Chinen." Yamada said, standing behind the door.
"Yeah, Hi. Don't be scared. I'm just sick. Not the virus, though." He said.
Yamada sighed in relief. He finally entered the room and sat beside the younger boy. He hugged him tight and said, "Eien ni you are my heaven~"


lol so short but yeah, that's all i have in my mind right now. hee~

the lyrics used :
Aitakute aitakute | I want to see you, I want to see you
Ano umi de matte iru yo | I’m waiting for you by that sea
Kimi e no omoi | My feelings for you
Asa mo hiru mo yoru mo | Whether it’s the morning, the afternoon, or the evening
Aitakute you are my heaven | I want to see you, you are my heaven

Eien ni you are my heaven | For eternity, you are my heaven

Jun 25 09 (UTC)
Jun 25 09 (UTC)
This was sweet

He hugged him tight and said, "Eien ni you are my heaven~"
Jun 27 09 (UTC)
hehe, thanks &hearts
Jun 28 09 (UTC)
hm, i should listen to this song. or should i?
Jun 27 09 (UTC)
good job :D
Jun 28 09 (UTC)
i'm happy |D
i always read your fics but i was never first~
Jun 26 09 (UTC)
awwww so sweet

tama bang gyhn ung gate pass s school lng nten un dba?
Jun 27 09 (UTC)
sus. parang sa scho lang uso yung gate pass.
Jun 27 09 (UTC)
bkt meron den ba sa iba?
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